Welcome to the launch

After years of dealing with information and other subjects such as engineering, physics, and mathematics, I have decided to venture into the analysis of what we mean by reality and its relationship to information. Given the nature of the subject, I hope to stick to reason, trying to avoid any kind of speculation and not let myself be carried away by enthusiasm. Formally said, I hope that the analysis responds to “pure reason” (This is a very cool statement in the Kantian style!).

I think that when we deal with issues with deep unknowns, we humans have a tendency to divert analysis in other directions that can fill the void created by lack of certainty and knowledge. I understand that these variants are the task of another department, so, except for error, they will not be treated in this context.

When writing this post I had already written several articles on the topic that you can find in the menu bar. What I will do soon is to comment on the results obtained. In the future, I hope to continue writing new articles, but because of the complexity of the subject, I do not think that the frequency can be more than two articles per year.

I thank you in advance for your comments and collaboration!

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